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Anonymous.  Submitted.  Avowed happiness as an overall assessment of the quality of life | SpringerLink.
Anonymous.  Submitted.  AyurYog workshop: Rejuvenation, longevity, immortality. Perspectives on rasāyana, kāyakalpa and bcud len practices | Ayuryog.
Anonymous.  Submitted.  Basal Ganglia (Section 3, Chapter 4) Neuroscience Online: An Electronic Textbook for the Neurosciences | Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy - The University of Texas Medical School at Houston.
Anonymous.  Submitted.  BBVA Podcast Aprendemos Juntos.
Anonymous.  Submitted.  Behavior-analytic approaches to self-awareness | SpringerLink.
Anonymous.  Submitted.  Being a mindful clinical teacher: Can mindfulness enhance education in a clinical setting?: Medical Teacher: Vol 36, No 4
Anonymous.  Submitted.  Benefits of Yoga for Psychosocial Well-Being in a US High School Curriculum: A Preliminary Randomized Controlled Trial.
Anonymous.  Submitted.  Beyond Money: Toward an Economy of Well-Being - Ed Diener, Martin E.P. Seligman, 2004.
Anonymous.  Submitted.  The Blissful Mind - Your guide to finding calm in the everyday. The Blissful Mind.
Anonymous.  Submitted.  The Blue Buddha: Lost Secrets of Tibetan Medicine.
Anonymous.  Submitted.  The Bodyscape Practice.
Anonymous.  Submitted.  Brain Awareness Week: Neuroplasticity | The MIT Press.
Anonymous.  Submitted.  THE BRAIN FROM TOP TO BOTTOM.
Anonymous.  Submitted.  The Brain From Top to Bottom - The curcuits of the Body's Alarm System - McGill.
Anonymous.  Submitted.  The Brain From Top to Bottom - The Motor Cortex - McGill.
Anonymous.  Submitted.  The Brain From Top to Bottom - The Pleasure Centres Affected By Drugs - McGill.
Anonymous.  Submitted.  The Brain From Top to Bottom - The Pleasures Centres - McGill.
Anonymous.  Submitted.  Brain Plasticity and Behavior.
Anonymous.  Submitted.  Bringing Mindfulness To Everyday Stress.
Anonymous.  Submitted.  Buddhism and the Historicizing of Medicine in 13th-c. Tibet – Frances Garrett.
Anonymous.  Submitted.  Can mindfulness exercises help me? Mayo Clinic.
Anonymous.  Submitted.  Can Mindfulness Really Help Reduce Anxiety?
Anonymous.  Submitted.  Can Stress be melted away using mindfulness techniques? with Colette Ellis
Anonymous.  Submitted.  Capturing the Attention of Generation Y | EDUCAUSE.
Anonymous.  Submitted.  A Cause for Optimism in Education. Harvard Graduate School of Education.


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