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A collection of sources which explore digital humanities from the perspective of embodiment (or vice versa).

Sources in this collection

The list below includes sources from this Collection’s Subcollections.

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Risam R.  2015.  Beyond the Margins: Intersectionality and the Digital Humanities. Digital Humanities Quarterly. 009(2)
Edmond J.  2018.  How Scholars Read Now: When the Signal Is the Noise. Digital Humanities Quarterly. 012(1)
Caldwell C.  2014.  Mindfulness & Bodyfulness: A New Paradigm. The Journal of Contemplative Inquiry. 1(1)
Belojevic N, Macpherson S, Jentery Sayers.  2018.  Physical Computing, Embodied Practice. The Routledge Companion to Media Studies and Digital Humanities. :259-266.
de Silva BROzawa-.  2014.  Secular Ethics, Embodied Cognitive Logics, and Education. The Journal of Contemplative Inquiry. 1(1)