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(Ä€cārya DÄ«pá¹…kar ÅšrÄ«jñān) Atīśā ko Tibbat Yātrā: Eka Adhyayan
Contributions to Nepalese Studies
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: 1986-04
Publisher: Center for Nepal and Asian Studies
Place of Publication: Kirtipur, Nepal
Pages: 181-204
Sources ID: 128066
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The article traces the journey of Atīśa Dīpaṅkaraśrījñāna to Tibet. He occupies an important place in the history of Buddhist religion. The article briefly describes his life and the routes he chose to go to Tibet. It includes 1 leaf of plate and 1 map. (Rajeev Ranjan Singh 2007-02-04)

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Contributions to Nepalese Studies