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‘It’s getting better and better, worse and worse, faster and faster’: The human animal in the Anthropocene
Sustainability and Peaceful Coexistence for the Anthropocene
Short Title: ‘It’s getting better and better, worse and worse, faster and faster’
Format: Book Chapter
Publication Date: 2017/08/17/
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
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This chapter explores one of the leading North American-based radical environmental groups that are working on both of these fronts, Deep Green Resistance (DGR). This group has internalized the shock and concern of realizing the hyperobject of global warming and has taken seriously the reality of interconnectedness while arguing for their conception of a democratic global commons. Decisive ecological warfare calls for the formation of aboveground campaigning, using forms of boycotting, protesting and public community organizing to pressure for political change. DGR begin from the position of non-human life and millions of points of view embedded in the organismic plenty of our planetary commons. The chapter gives the reality of hyperobjects and the Anthropocene, that a truly democratic encounter with non-human nature requires humans to actively dismantle industrial civilization. Such is the precondition for peaceful coexistence in the Anthropocene.