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The 1413 Ming Embassy to Tsong-kha-pa and the Arrival of Byams-chen Chos-rje Shākya Ye-shes at the Ming Court
The Journal of the Tibet Society
Format: Journal
Publication Date: 198200/1982
Publisher: The Tibet Society
Place of Publication: Bloomington
Pages: 105-108
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This brief article traces a Ming mission to Tibet and Nepal in 1413 by looking at several primary sources. During the mission, the envoy, Hou Hsien, had audience with Tsongkhapa (tsong kha pa), in response to which the latter sent his disciple Shakya Yeshé (shAkya ye shes) to the Ming court. Hou Hsien also met with the 5th Karmapa, Deshin shegpa (de bzhin gshegs pa). (Ben Deitle 2006-01-25)

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Journal of the Tibet Society
Sino-Tibetan Relations