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A 17th Century Stone Inscription from Ura Village
Journal of Bhutan Studies
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: 200400/2004
Publisher: The Tibet Society
Pages: 1-11
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This article examines an inscription on a maṇi wall in the village of Ura in southeastern Bhutan that the author noticed during a stay in the area in 2002. The inscription records that the wall was constructed during the time of Mingyur Tenpa (mi 'gyur brtan pa), who ruled areas of eastern Bhutan before taking the position of Desi (sde srid) of Bhutan. The inscription gives the names of other participants in the construction, none of whom were able to be identified by the author. Ardussi gives an overview of the historical situation of Bhutan in the 17th century, from which he draws the conclusion that the wall must have been built sometime between 1667-1680, when Mingyur Tenpa was Desi of Bhutan. The article includes two photographs, one of the inscription stone and one of the wall, and the text of the inscription along with a translation. (Ben Deitle 2006-02-06)