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50 mindfulness techniques for children & teens
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Publication Date: Nov 30, 2014
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Give kids tools to recognize and work with their difficult emotions and impulses. Promote mindfulness practice outside the clinical hour - Techniques to engage the most resistant and reluctant kids. Adapt mindfulness exercises to all kinds of minds. Use technology to support practice Mindfulness to complement play, CBT, expressive, dynamic and other therapies. Techniques for challenges at home, the classroom, performances and social situations. Discover proven techniques for depression, ADHD, anxiety, anger, acting out, trauma and more. Mood boosters for depression include movement such as mindful walking, mindful yoga, and mindful qi-gong. Proven practices for ADHD, executive function and impulse control disorders include "urge surfing, STOP, SLOW, SIFT and more. Skills to soothe trauma and anxiety like seeking stillness, touchpoints, and four elements practices will be taught and practiced as a group. We will practice skills that build emotional and social intelligence, including mindfulness of music, listening and body awareness exercises. Mindfulness is more than just breathing, and so is this workshop. Participants should be prepared for an experiential day practicing a variety of mindfulness techniques including awareness, movement, games, play, and creative/expressive activities that can be practiced by young people and adults alike. Special attention will also be given to harnessing the power of technology and social media. Learning will take the form of lecture, video, case presentations, small group and dyad activities as well as experiential activities and ample time for question and answer and discussion with colleagues. Join author and psychologist Dr. Christopher Willard in this engaging day! He will share personal and professional anecdotes from his experience as a working psychologist from inner-city schools to college campuses, from Harvard Medical School to teen meditation retreats. This workshop inspires, but more importantly empowers you with the tools you need to offer mindfulness practices to young people in practical yet engaging ways.