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Acceptability and Cultural Fit of Spiritual Self-Schema Therapy for Puerto Rican Women with Addiction Disorders: Qualitative Findings
Women & Therapy
Short Title: Women Ther.
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: Nov 30, 2011
Pages: 106 - 119.
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We present findings on the (1) acceptability of Spiritual Self-Schema (3-S) therapy with Puerto Rican women and (2) fit with women's cultural, gender, literacy, clinical, and religious backgrounds. 3-S is a well-documented efficacious intervention for substance use and HIV risk behaviors. Participants were 13 urban, low-income Puerto Rican women in a residential treatment program in a large Northeastern city.Findings from therapy session videotapes, focus groups, and clinician memos indicate high acceptability and fit of 3-S therapy for Puerto Rican women. However, lack of fit in several areas indicates the need for modification of specific aspects of 3-S for Latinas.