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Adjunct treatment with yoga in chronic severe airways obstruction
Short Title: Thorax
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: Nov 30, 1977
Pages: 514 - 517
Sources ID: 31026
Notes: LR: 20091118; JID: 0417353; 1978/08/01 00:00 [pubmed]; 1978/08/01 00:01 [medline]; 1978/08/01 00:00 [entrez]; ppublish
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Eleven patients with severe chronic airways obstruction were given training in yogic breathing exercises and postures. A matched group of 11 patients were given physiotherapy breathing exercises. Both groups of patients were followed up at monthly intervals for nine months with pulmonary function tests, tests of exercise tolerance, and inquiry into their symptoms. After training in yoga the mean maximum work increased significantly by 60.55 kpm; whereas no such rise occurred after training in physiotherapy. This objective improvement was associated with symptomatic improvement in a significantly higher number of patients given training in yoga.