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Alcoholism: newer methods of management
Indian journal of physiology and pharmacology
Short Title: Indian J.Physiol.Pharmacol.
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: Nov 30, 1985
Pages: 43 - 54
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Notes: LR: 20131121; JID: 0374707; 0 (Blood Glucose); 0 (Catecholamines); TR3MLJ1UAI (Disulfiram); 1986/01/01 00:00 [pubmed]; 1986/01/01 00:01 [medline]; 1986/01/01 00:00 [entrez]; ppublish
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Chronic alcoholics were selected from hospitals and A.A. Centres and subjected to different methods of treatment namely, psycho therapy, stereotaxic surgery, nonvolitional biofeedback, Yoga and meditation and extremely low frequency Pulsed Magnetic Field. Each group comprised a minimum of 20 subjects. All were males between the ages of 20 and 45 years. Investigations done were clinical, psychological, biochemical, neurochemical and electrophysiological. Improvement was noticed in all the patients, the degree varying with the different methods of treatment. The patients were followed up at least for a period of one year.