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Altruism and Agency in the Family Firm: Exploring the Role of Family, Kinship, and Ethnicity
Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice
Short Title: Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice
Format: Journal Article
Publication Year: 2006
Pages: 861 - 877
Sources ID: 48541
Notes: doi: 10.1111/j.1540-6520.2006.00157.x
Collection: Altruism
Visibility: Public (group default)
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This article examines the relationship between altruism and agency costs in family business through an in?depth case study of a family firm. We found that altruism reduced agency costs in the early stages of the business, but that agency problems increased as the venture became larger and more established. Moreover, we suggest that altruistic behavior need not be confined to family and close kin, but may extend through networks of distant kin and ethnic ties. We thus present a more complex view of the agency relationship in family business than is often portrayed in the existing literature.