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Amygdala: Structure and Circuitry in Rodents and Felines
Encyclopedia of Neuroscience
Short Title: Amygdala
Format: Book Chapter
Publication Date: 2009/01/01/
Publisher: Academic Press
Place of Publication: Oxford
Pages: 347 - 353
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This article describes the structure, connections, and cell types of the amygdala in rodents and felines. In addition, the intrinsic membrane properties of amygdala neurons are described, along with the inhibitory pressures regulating their activity. Functionally, this article discusses the pathways that support the involvement of the amygdala in the acquisition and extinction of classically conditioned fear responses and the facilitation of memory by the amygdala in emotionally arousing conditions. First, the main components of the amygdala are reviewed, including their cell types and connectivity. Then considered are the intra-amygdaloid pathways supporting the involvement of the amygdala in the formation of emotional memories.