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Animal Yoga for Kids: African Adventure
Short Title: Animal yoga for kids
Format: Miscellaneous
Publication Date: Nov 30, 2003
Publisher: Brentwood Home Video : Distributed by BCI
Place of Publication: United States
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With the rise in sedentary lifestyles and a subsequent trend toward obesity (even amongst children), it's more important than ever to steer kids toward healthy habits that will foster a lifetime of physical fitness. The fun and effective exercise series ANIMAL YOGA FOR KIDS seeks to get kids moving again, with live-action instructors Natalie Macias and Bobbi Hamilton demonstrating basic yoga and dance moves against a colorful animated background. In addition, Natalie and Bobbi provide educational lessons in safety, history, geography, vocabulary, and world culture that encourage a nondenominational and multicultural respect for life. Geared toward children ages 4-10, this volume of African adventure offers yoga, breathing, and relaxation techniques that improve motor coordination and self-esteem.