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Asian Medicine: Tradition and Modernity
Format: Journal
Publication Year: n.d.
Publisher: Brill
Place of Publication: Leiden
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A multidisciplinary journal aimed at researchers and practitioners of Asian Medicine in Asia as well as in Western countries. It makes available in one single publication academic essays that explore the historical, anthropological, sociological and philological dimensions of Asian medicine as well as practice reports from clinicians based in Asia and in Western countries.

With the recent upsurge of interest in non-Western alternative approaches to health care, Asian Medicine - Tradition and Modernity will be of relevance to those studying the modifications and adaptations of traditional medical systems on their journey to non-Asian settings. It will also be relevant to those who wish to learn more about the traditional background and practice of Asian medicine within its countries of origin.

On account of its appeal to scholars from a range of academic backgrounds (such as history, philology,anthropology, sociology, archaeology) as well as to practitioners based in Asia and in Western medical institutions and alternative health care settings, the journal constitutes a unique resource for both scholarly and clinically focused institutions.

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