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Authenticating and distinguishing the eight species of traditional Tibetan medicine "Meiduoluomi" by microscopic technique
Microscopy Research And Technique
Short Title: Microscopy Research And Technique
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: 2009/10//
Pages: 727 - 736
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Because of the morphological and macroscopic similarity, many species of Erigeron and Aster (Asteraceae) are confusable and usually used under the same name "Meiduoluomi" in traditional Tibetan medicine (TTM). To find an easy, quick, and reliable method to authenticate and distinguish the eight main medicinal plants of these species, the light microscope was used to reveal the morphoanatomic details. The fixed, sectioned, and stained plant materials and epidermis materials were studied by microscopic techniques. The results of the microscopic features are systematically described and illustrated, and comparison parameters are presented. Furthermore, a key to the eight species of "Meiduoluomi" was constructed. Microscopy can be unambiguously used to authenticate and distinguish the eight main species of TTM "Meiduoluomi.";