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Awakening together: the spiritual practice of inclusivity and community
Short Title: Awakening together
Format: Book
Publication Date: Nov 30, 2016
Publisher: Wisdom Publications
Place of Publication: Somerville, Massachusetts
Pages: 251
Sources ID: 68361
Notes: From suffering into freedom -- Finding a spiritual path -- This precious life -- Nobility of truth -- Awakening together -- Refuge in a multicultural world -- Beautiful and beloved communities -- The precious experience of belonging -- A place to call home -- The beauty of transformation -- Aware within and without -- Heart and mind, together -- Transformation of the heart -- Moving toward freedom -- Consciously creating community -- Breaking together -- Supported on each other's shoulders -- Manifesting diverse spiritual leadershipIncludes index
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How can we connect our personal spiritual journeys with the larger course of our shared human experience? How do we compassionately and wisely navigate belonging and exclusion in our own hearts? And how can we embrace diverse identities and experiences within our spiritual communities, building sanghas that make good on the promise of liberation for everyone?If you aren’t sure how to start this work, Awakening Together is for you. If you’ve begun but aren’t sure what the next steps are, this book is for you. If you’re already engaged in this work, this book will remind you none of us do this work alone. Whether you find yourself at the center or at the margins of your community, whether you’re a community member or a community leader, this book is for you.