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bai dUr+ya ser po/
Long Title: བཻ་དཱུརྱ་སེར་པོ།
Short Title: དགའ་ལྡན་ཆོས་འབྱུང་བཻ་དཱུརྱ་སེར་པོ།
Short Title Wylie: dga' ldan chos 'byung bai dUr+ya ser po/
Format: Book (single author)
Publication Date: 198901/1989
Publisher: Chinese Tibetan Cultural Publishing House
Place of Publication: zi ling
Sources ID: 126141
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This religious history (chos 'byung) includes long chapters on the histories and lineages of abbots (gdan rabs) for the large Gelukpa (dge lugs pa) monasteries around Lhasa and shorter entries for the Gelukpa monasteries across the Tibetan plateau.(Kevin Vose 2004-05-12)