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On becoming aware : a pragmatics of experiencing
Format: Book (multiple authors)
Publication Year: 2003
Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing Company
Place of Publication: Amsterdam
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Drawing its main source of inspiration from a naturalized interpretation of Husserlian phenomenology, On Becoming Aware: A Pragmatics of Experiencing attempts to examine closely the nature of experience and how we may become aware of our own mental life. The authors also focus on how this project fits into the larger context of cognitive science, psychology, neurosciences, and philosophy. Additional partners in the effort to better understand experience are the contemplative systems of the world's spiritual or wisdom traditions, including particularly that of Buddhism.

Book includes three separate glossaries of technical terms in phenomenology, the cognitive sciences, and Tibetan Buddhism. (Zach Rowinski 2005-01-17)

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Introduction: a guide to the perplexed -- Pt. 1. The structural dynamics of becoming aware : 1. The basic cycle ; 2. The structure of a session ; 3. Surrounding events -- pt. 2. The motivations for the study of experiencing : 4. The cognitive sciences / F.J. Varela ; 5. Concerning practice / N. Depraz, F. J. Varela, P. Vermesch ; 6. The philosophical challenge / N. Depraz ; 7. Wisdom traditions and the ways of reduction / N. Depraz & F.J. Varela -- Open conclusion -- Postface -- References -- Glossary of terms -- Index

Tibetan Buddhism
Vajrayāna Buddhism
Insight Meditation
Mindfulness Meditation