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Becoming Culturally Competent: Mindful Engagement with American Indian Clients
Journal of Ethnic and Cultural Diversity
Short Title: J Ethnic Cult Divers Soc Work
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: 2013/10//
Pages: 198 - 212
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Social workers are often sensitive to American Indian cultural norms with the intention of teaching and providing services in the best interest of the client. However, developing cultural competency may best be learned by practicing mindfulness. Mindfulness can be viewed as intentionally being present on purpose without judgment. Living in the present moment is inherent in American Indian culture. When social workers are mindful they are able to empathically acknowledge, intentionally pay attention, and accept without judgment their experiences. Responding versus reacting to one's experience helps facilitate setting the stage for effective change and transformation. This article offers a framework for developing a mindfulness practice to enhance cultural competence with American Indian clients.