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A Benefit-Cost Analysis of a Long-Term Intervention on Social and Emotional Learning in Compulsory School
International Journal of Emotional Education
Short Title: International Journal of Emotional Education
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: 2017/04/01/
Pages: 3 - 19
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Notes: Accession Number: EJ1137973; Acquisition Information: Centre for Resilience and Socio-Emotional Health. Old Humanities Building (OH) Room 241, University of Malta, MSD 2080, Malta. Tel: +356-2340-3014; Web site:; Language: English; Education Level: Middle SchoolsSecondary EducationJunior High Schools; Reference Count: 43; Journal Code: APR2018; Level of Availability: Available online; Publication Type: Academic Journal; Publication Type: Report; Entry Date: 2017
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There is growing evidence that social and emotional skills can be taught to students in school and teaching these skills can have a positive effect on later outcomes, such as better mental health and less drug use. This paper presents a benefit-cost analysis of a longitudinal social and emotional learning intervention in Sweden, using data for 663 students participating in the evaluation. Intervention costs are compared against treatment impact on self-reported drug use. Pre-test and post-test data are available. Since follow-up data for the participants' drug use as adults is not available, informed projections have been made. Net present monetary values are calculated for the general public and society. The results show that students in the treatment group report decreasing use of drugs over the five year long intervention, the value of which easily outweighs the intervention costs.