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The biopolitics of community economies in the era of the Anthropocene
Journal of Political Ecology
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: Nov 30, 2013
Pages: 210 - 221
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In our discussion of the academic subject, we have advocated an open, concerned, andconnected stance and a readiness to explore rather than judge, giving what is nascent and not fully formed some room to move and grow. We have also broached the power and responsibility that devolves upon scholars once we acknowledge the performativity of our teaching and research. When ontology becomes the effect rather than the ground of knowledge, we lose the comfort and safety of a subordinate relation to ‘reality’ and can no longer seek to capture accurately what already exists; interdependence and creativity are thrust upon us as we become implicated in the very existence of the worlds that we research. Every question about what to study and how to study it becomes an ethical opening; every decision entails profound responsibility. (Gibson-Graham 2008, 620)