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Bulletin of Tibetology, 1965, Volume 2, Number 1
Bulletin of Tibetology
Format: Journal
Publication Date: 196503/1965
Publisher: Namgyal Institute of Tibetology
Place of Publication: Gangtok, Sikkim
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This issue of the the Bulletin of Tibetology was published in March of 1965. It features articles by Hugh Richardson, Lama Anagarika Govinda, Turrell V. Wylie, Buddha Prakash, and Nirmal C. Sinha. (Ben Deitle 2006-01-10)

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<a href="" target="_blank">Cover and contents</a> - - <a href="" target="_blank">How Old Was Srong brtsan sGam po?</a> /  Hugh Edward Richardson - - <a href="" target="_blank">Principles of Buddhist Tantrism</a> / Lama Anagarika Govinda - - <a href="" target="_blank">The Tibetan Tradition of Geography</a> / Turrell V. Wylie - - <a href="" target="_blank">Uttarakuru</a> / Buddha Prakash - - <a href="" target="_blank">Notes and Topics: Uttarakuru in Tibetan Tradition</a> / Nirmal C. Sinha - - <a href="" target="_blank">Obituary: William McGovern</a> / Nirmal C. Sinha - - <a href="" target="_blank">Backcover</a>.

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Three times a year