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Colophons as Sources: Historical Information from Some Brag dKar rta so Xylographies
Rivista di Studi Sudasiatici
Format: Journal Article
Publication Year: 2007
Pages: 121-160
Source ID: shanti-sources-46481

Tibetan colophons are not only a very intriguing and peculiar literary subject to study, but also significant historical sources to develop. This article has a threefold purpose: to present colophons as sources, to provide a detailed description of the surviving Brag dkar rta so works, and to give examples of translation. Extracting information from colophons, it is possible to have a most accurate picture of lha btsun Rinchen rnam rgyal entourage, and the progress of the work at Brag dkar rta so, a well-known monastery founded by lha btsun, one of the closest disciples of gTsang smyon Heruka.

Drakkar Taso
Printing Colophon
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