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Correlates and Predictors of Resilience among Baccalaureate Nursing Students
Journal of clinical and diagnostic research : JCDR
Short Title: J.Clin.Diagn.Res.
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: Nov 30, 2016
Pages: JC05 - JC08
Sources ID: 31496
Notes: LR: 20170816; JID: 101488993; OTO: NOTNLM; 2016/09/27 00:00 [received]; 2016/11/17 00:00 [accepted]; 2017/04/08 06:00 [entrez]; 2017/04/08 06:00 [pubmed]; 2017/04/08 06:01 [medline]; ppublish
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INTRODUCTION: A growing body of literature recognizes the importance of resilience in the nursing profession. Both mindfulness and resilience aid in handling stress, stress increases the risk of rumination and/or worry especially in females and they are more empathetic than other healthcare students. AIM: To identify correlates and predictors of the resilience among nursing students. MATERIALS AND METHODS: This is a descriptive correlation study and we have recruited 194 participants (1-4(th) year B.Sc Nursing) from Government College of Nursing and NIMHANS College of Nursing in Bangalore, India. The following instruments were used to collect the data, Freiburg Mindfulness Inventory (FMI), Toronto Empathy Questionnaire (TEQ), Perseverative Thinking Questionnaire (PTQ) and Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale (CD-RISC). Data was analysed using Pearson's correlation test and multiple regression analysis. RESULTS: Resilience is significantly correlated with mindfulness, perseverative thinking and empathy in nursing students. Based on regression analysis this model accounted for almost 33% of variance in resilience. This result is of interest as mindfulness alone explained 23% of the variance and unproductive Repeated Negative Thinking (RNT) and RNT consuming mental capacity predicted 8% and 2% respectively. CONCLUSION: These results support the importance of resilience and mindfulness in nursing students. Hence, resilience and/or mindfulness enhancing interventions should be inculcated in nursing education.