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Detached mindfulness reduced both depression and anxiety in elderly women with major depressive disorders
Psychiatry Reasearch
Format: Journal Article
Publication Year: 2017
Pages: 87 - 94
Source ID: shanti-sources-58616
Abstract: We investigated the influence of detached mindfulness (DM) in treating symptoms of depression and anxiety among elderly women. Thirty-four elderly females (mean age: 69.23 years) suffering from moderate major depressive disorders (MDD) and treated with a standard medication (citalopram) at therapeutic doses were randomly assigned either to an intervention condition (DM; group treatment, twice weekly) or to a control condition (with leisure activities, twice weekly). At baseline (BL), four weeks later at study completion (SC), and four weeks after that at follow-up (FU), participants completed ratings for symptoms of depression and anxiety; experts blind to patients' group assignments rated patients' symptoms of depression. Symptoms of depression (self and experts' ratings) and anxiety declined significantly over time in the DM, but not in the control condition. Effects remained stable at FU. The pattern of results suggests that, compared to a control condition, a specific psychotherapeutic intervention such as DM can have a beneficial effect in elderly female patients with MDD.