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The Development of Empathic Skill: A Study
Journal of Education for Social Work
Short Title: The Development of Empathic Skill
Format: Journal Article
Publication Year: n.d.
Pages: 30-37
Library/Archive: Copyright © 1979 Council on Social Work Education
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Two conditions for the development of empathy skill, compatible with social work curricula and staff development programs, were tested in a pretest-posttest design. Empathy skill was operationalized using a videotape of client-worker interviews coupled with a fixed response questionnaire. The first condition, an experiential-didactic course, produced no significant change in empathy. The second condition, a structured meditation experience, produced significant change but not beyond controls. Positive change in empathy scores significantly correlated with blind-ranked levels of meditation attainment. Scores of subjects exposed to the two conditions combined are compared with results of other studies. Limitations and implications are discussed.