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The Early History of Lo (Mustang) and Ngari
Contributions to Nepalese Studies
Format: Journal Article
Publication Year: 1976
Publisher: Center for Nepal and Asian Studies
Place of Publication: Kirtipur, Nepal
Pages: 39-56
Sources ID: 127944
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The article starts with the paragraph on Mustang by a Mustangi author. In the native language, Mustang (smon thang) refers only to the small walled capital city of the larger territory of Lo (go bo). Actually Lo's territory embraced all of the upper Kali Gandaki valley, from what is now called Baragaon up to the highest elevations in its watershed. The article also traces some of the history of Ngari. Before Mustang's inclusion into a unified Nepal, the people of Lo considered their land to be a border region of Ngari, a general place name designating most of western Tibet. The author consulted local historiography for the article. (Rajeev Ranjan Singh 2007-01-10)