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Effects of a meditative‐relaxation exercise on non‐attending behaviors of behaviorally disturbed children
Journal of Clinical Child Psychology
Format: Journal Article
Publication Year: 1981
Pages: 126-127
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Abstract Two nine member classes for behaviorally disturbed 8 to 11 year old males and females were randomly selected for a treatment or a no‐treatment group. Time spent in off‐task behavior was recorded by two observers via a time sampling technique. One group practiced Benson's meditative‐relaxation technique while the no‐treatment subjects were instructed to relax for the same 20 minute sessions over a five day period. Non‐attending behavior levels were recorded during the treatment period. The t‐test for pretest to post‐test mean change differences of non‐attending behavior for the two groups reflected a significant reduction (p < .001) in the number of non‐attending behaviors for the treatment group.

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