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The effects of teaching social and emotional learning (SEL) on first grader's self-awareness
Format: Book
Publication Year: 2011
Pages: 110
Source ID: shanti-sources-89211
Abstract: The direction instruction of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) skills were taught through lessons from Connected and Respected (Harrison & Breeding, 2007) to sixteen first grade students for six weeks. Among the skills of SEL, this study focused on self-awareness. This study examined the benefits, if any, of teaching SEL to first graders sense of self-awareness? Self-awareness was measured in four ways. First, a modified version of the Devereux Student Strength Assessment (LeBluffe, & Shapiro, & Naglieri, 2006) was filled out be [i.e. by] the teacher in a pre- and post assessment [i.e. post-assessment]. Also, a student survey was filled out by the students in a pre-and post assessment [i.e. post-assessment]. Additionally, an SEL checklist was used to determine if the teacher and his classroom were fostering SEL in a pre-and post-assessment. Last, a reflective journal was filled out daily by the teacher. With these four assessments, this study showed that teaching SEL to first graders has a positive effect on students' sense of self-to-self awareness [i.e. self-awareness] and self-to-others awareness. Children who show self-awareness are shown to report a happier life. The view of the researcher is that self-awareness is the first step on a path to becoming an emotionally competent individual.