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The Emotionally Intelligent Early Childhood Educator: Self-Reflective Journaling
Early Childhood Education Journal
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: Nov 30, 2004
Pages: 3 - 9
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Notes: ISSN 1082-3301ISSN 1082-3301
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A current interest in education is the growing awareness that the development of social and emotional skills in children is critical for the foundation of academic knowledge in the classroom. The early childhood educator is in a position to be a powerful nurturer of the social emotional development in young children. It is important, therefore, to challenge early childhood teachers, particularly veteran teachers, to take a closer look at their own social and emotional skills and to systematically reassess these skills through an emotionally intelligent "lens". The field of emotional intelligence is a new and exciting area of academic research that looks at emotional abilities within the following four domains: (1) perception skills; (2) accessing skills; (3) understanding skills; and (4) regulation skills. This article presents a user-friendly methodology to assess and enhance the emotional intelligence abilities of teachers, and thereby impact the abilities of the young children they teach.