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Engaging with animals: Interpretations of a shared existence
Format: Book
Publication Year: 2014
Publisher: Sydney University Press
Pages: 278
Source ID: shanti-sources-79816
Abstract: Humans and nonhuman animals engage with each other in a multitude of fascinating ways. They have always done so, motivated by both necessity and choice. Yet, as human population numbers increase and our impact on the planet expands, this engagement takes on new meanings and requires new understanding. In Engaging with animals: interpretations of a shared existence experts in the field of human-animal studies investigate, from a variety of differing disciplinary perspectives, the ways in which humans and other animals interact. Grouped into three broad sections the chapters focus on themes ranging from attitudes, ethics and interactions to history, art and literature, and finally animal welfare outcomes. While offering different interpretations of the human-nonhuman interactions, they share a common goal in attempting to find pathways leading to a mutually beneficial and shared co-existence.