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Exploring an intensive meditation intervention for incarcerated youth
Child and Adolescent Mental Health
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: 2014/02//
Pages: 69 - 73
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BackgroundWe examined the experiences of incarcerated adolescent males (N = 29) who participated in a one‐day meditation retreat and 10‐week meditation programme. Method Self‐report surveys assessing mindfulness, self‐regulation, impulsivity and stress; behavioural assessments; and focus group data were examined. Results We observed significantly higher scores in self‐regulation (p = .012) and psychometric markers demonstrated psychological enhancement. No behavioural change was observed. Six themes emerged: enhanced well‐being, increased self‐discipline, increased social cohesiveness, expanded self‐awareness, resistance to meditation and future meditation practice. Conclusions Early evidence suggests that meditation training for incarcerated youth is a feasible and promising intervention.