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Feasibility of mindfulness-based intervention for incarcerated mixed-ethnic Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander youth.
Asian American Journal of Psychology
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: 2015/06//
Pages: 181 - 189
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The present study is a feasibility study, aimed at evaluating whether a mindfulness-based intervention is acceptable to incarcerated mixed-ethnic Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander youth, and whether the intervention improves youth’s stress level and results in more skillful response to stress. Measures were collected via 1st-person (self-reports) as well as 3rd-person objective measures (salivary cortisol and SIgA) at pre- and postintervention. Results revealed favorable directions in terms of attenuation of cortisol response and improved SIgA response to stress as well as lower self-report perceived stress (p < .05). Trend level results were also observed for impulsivity, self-regulation, and mindfulness. Collectively, the results suggest that mindfulness-based intervention reduces perceptions of stress and biomarkers of stress and is acceptable among incarcerated ethnic minority youth.