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A fierce heart: finding strength, courage, and wisdom in any moment
Short Title: A fierce heart
Format: Book
Publication Date: Nov 30, 2016
Publisher: Parallax Press
Place of Publication: Berkeley, California
Pages: 177
Sources ID: 57951
Notes: Blooming in the mud -- Answering the call -- Meditation : the time is now -- Impermanence : hello/goodbye -- The body : your tree of life -- Treasure within : remember who you are -- Compassion : the great chief -- Waking up : school of life -- Transformation : into the underworld -- Initiation : the white condor -- Metta : love is the answer -- Forgiveness : free your heart -- Liberation : prison of the mind -- A dream is born -- Refuge : islands of peace -- For the benefit of all beings
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Spring Washam is a founder of the East Bay Meditation Center, one of the most diverse and accessible Dharma centers in the United States. In A Fierce Heart, Washam shares her contemporary, unique interpretation of the Buddha’s 2,500-year-old teachings, with short chapters that get to the heart of mindfulness, wisdom, loving kindness, and compassion.Woven throughout the book are stories from the author’s life, family, and ancestors, along with many soulful, heartfelt stories from all over the world. Washam’s teachings focus on social action, multiculturalism, and youth, making the Dharma welcoming to as large and wide a community as possible. Anyone who has suffered will benefit from the life-saving teachings of this charismatic teacher. Her humor, enthusiasm, and energy are a balm.