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A Fully Rich Life With Benjamin Foley
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Benjamin Foley left a 6-figure job in management consulting after being almost destroyed by anxiety and depression. He knew he had only 2 choices; to change his life or to remain on the same path and be destroyed. Fortunately he made the decision to take action and change his path to become a writer and entrepreneur, immersing himself in a healthier lifestyle with a focus on mindfulness. He is now the founder of Fully Rich Life, a blog that is focused on helping men decrease stress and anxiety, find more focus, and be more present. He also writes for various top-rated publications including NY Observer, CNBC, Thought Catalog, and Medium and is read by over 200,000 readers a month on topics including anxiety, healthy eating and mindset. Benjamin also helps businesses tell better stories with strategies that are truly authentic. I am thrilled to share this time with the inspiring, prolific writer, Benjamin Foley.