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The impact of yoga on quality of life and psychological distress in caregivers for patients with cancer
Oncology Nursing Forum
Short Title: Oncol Nurs Forum
Format: Journal Article
Publication Year: 2014
Pages: 257 - 264
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PURPOSE/OBJECTIVES: To assess the effects of a six-week Vinyasa yoga (VY) intervention on caregivers' overall quality of life (QOL) and psychological distress.DESIGN: A single-group, pre- and post-test pilot study. SETTING: University public recreational facility. SAMPLE: 12 informal caregivers for patients with cancer. METHODS: Caregivers participated in a six-week VY intervention and completed measures of QOL and psychological distress pre- and postintervention. Program satisfaction was measured with open-ended survey questions. MAIN RESEARCH VARIABLES: QOL, psychological distress, and program satisfaction. FINDINGS: Significant improvements were found in the mental component score of overall QOL and in overall psychological distress. Several subdomains of QOL and psychological distress were also improved significantly. Open-ended survey question responses revealed participants perceived physical and mental benefit from the intervention, highlighting improvements in flexibility, core and upper-body strength, balance, breathing, and energy. CONCLUSIONS: Informal caregivers may benefit mentally and physically from participating in VY. IMPLICATIONS FOR NURSING: Caregivers of patients with cancer characterize a group worthy of attention, research, and interventions focusing on their healthcare needs.