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Integrating Reflective Problem-Solving and Mindfulness to Promote Organizational Adaptation Toward Conflict Sensitivity
Journal of Transformative Education
Format: Journal Article
Publication Year: 2019
Pages: 24 - 50
Source ID: shanti-sources-68541
Abstract: This article is an analysis and synthesis of the outcome of our efforts to integrate reflective problem-solving and mindfulness to promote organizational adaptation toward conflict-sensitive approach to managing and resolving land-related conflicts. The purpose of the article is 2-fold. The first part of the article describes the methodological and epistemological processes we followed to engage the candidates in reflective problem-solving and mindfulness. The second part of the article analyses the participants' reflections on the meanings they had drawn from the thinking and learning processes. The article draws on transformative learning principles, principles of situated experiential learning, the notion of interactive problem-solving and social-psychological approach to conflict analysis, resolution, and negotiation. All of these principles and approaches emphasize the empowerment of learners and practitioners as agents of social transformation. At the end, the article presents the implications of our findings for future improvements.