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Intentional Systemic Mindfulness: An Integrative Model for Self-Regulation and Health
Advances in Mind-Body Medicine
Short Title: Adv Mind Body Med.
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: Nov 30, 1998
Pages: 128 - 134
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Self-regulation is the process whereby systems maintain stability of functioning and adaptability to change. Self-regulation is based on feedback loops which can be enhanced through attention. All self-regulation techniques, therefore, involve the cultivation of attention. However, the intention with which attention is directed may be crucial. In this paper, we explore intentional systemic mindfulness a model that explicitly introduces intention into self-regulation theory and practice. Intention as defined by this model is composed of the context of attention-systemic perspectives - and the quality of attention - mindfulness qualities. Intentional systemic mindfulness addresses both "why" (systemic perspectives) and "how" (mindfulness qualities) one directs attention, which may promote healing on multiple levels. Directions for research and implications for multiple levels of integrative health are considered.