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It Takes More than a Village: Building a Network of Safety in Nepal's Mountain Communities
Maternal & Child Health Journal
Short Title: Maternal & Child Health JournalIt Takes More than a Village
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: 2016/12//
Pages: 2424 - 2430
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Purpose This report from the field details the ways that one small maternal child health NGO, which began its work in Tibet and now works in the mountain communities of Nepal, has established a model for integrated healthcare delivery and support it calls the 'network of safety.' Description It discusses some of the challenges faced both by the NGO and by the rural mountain communities with whom it partners, as well as with the government of Nepal. Conclusion This report describes and analyzes successful efforts to reduce maternal and infant mortality in a culturally astute, durable, and integrated way, as well as examples of innovation and success experienced by enacting the network of safety model.