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Labrang: A Tibetan Buddhist Monastery at the Crossroads of Four Civilizations
Format: Book (single author)
Publication Date: 1999-01
Publisher: Snow Lion Publications
Place of Publication: Ithaca, New York
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This book portrays the Labrang (bla brang) region in the first half of the twentieth century, focusing on the accounts and photographs of the Griebenow family, Christian missionaries in the region from 1922-1949. Additional foci are Labrang Monastery, the Alo clan that ruled Labrang in this period, and the interplay of the disparate ethnic groups in this borderland on one corner of the Tibetan plateau.(Kevin Vose 2004-03-23)

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I. Labrang in History : The Monastery and the Region -- II. The Ethnic Matrix : Tibetans, Chinese, and Muslims -- III. Strangers from Abroad : The Griebenows and Their Christian Mission at Labrang -- IV. Local Leaders : The Alos--A Religious and Secular First Family -- V. Labrang Under Attack : Civil War and Revolution, 1922-1949 -- VI. Continuity and Change : Religious and Secular Education -- VII. Challenge and Survival : Labrang in Retrospect

123 p. ; 20 x 24 cm
Sera Monastery