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'Lama to the King of Hsia'
The Journal of the Tibet Society
Format: Journal Article
Publication Year: 1987
Publisher: The Tibet Society
Place of Publication: Bloomington
Pages: 31-50
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This article explores the relationship between the Tangut court and Tibetan lamas, particularly those of various Kagyü (bka' brgyud) orders. Toward the end of the Tangut Empire's existence, Tibetans held the post of "imperial preceptor" at the Tangut court. Sperling argues that this early example influenced later conceptions of the lama-patron relationship. Even after the Tangut state fell to the Mongols under Qubilai, several Kagyü lamas successfully transitioned into the Mongol court, even while Sakya lamas held the highest positions therein. Passages cited from Tibetan sources are presented in their original language at the end of the article. (Ben Deitle 2006-02-02)

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