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Learning to Breathe : A Mindfulness Curriculum for Adolescents to Cultivate Emotion Regulation, Attention, and Performance
Short Title: Learning to Breathe
Format: Book
Publication Year: 2013
Publisher: Raincoast Books
Place of Publication: Canada
Pages: 266
Sources ID: 21190
Visibility: Private
Zotero Collections: K-12 Education and Contemplation
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Disruptive behavior in the classroom, poor academic performance, and emotional highs and lows: if you work with adolescents, you are well-aware of the challenges this age group presents. What if there were a way to help these students focus while equipping them with the mindfulness skills they need to excel in school and in life? 'Learning to Breathe* is a research-based curriculum designed to help adolescents reduce stress, improve their attention, manage emotions, and gain greater control over their own thoughts and actions - essential skills for optimizing classroom learning and promoting well-being. This breakthrough mindfulness-based program is structured around six themes that form the acronym BREATHE, and each theme has a core message. This book is the perfect tool for teachers, mental health professionals, or anyone who works with adolescents.

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K-12 Education and Contemplation