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The Meditative Way : Readings in the Theory and Practice of Buddhist Meditation
Format: Book
Publication Year: 1997
Publisher: Routledge Press
Place of Publication: Abingdon, Oxon
Pages: 274
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From Introduction: It is increasingly common for those doing research on meditation to be meditators themselves. Such people are far better equipped than non-meditator researchers to arrive at balanced and well informed conclusions. Textual scholars who meditate are in a position to interpret the textual accounts of meditation intelligibly and realistically, and perhaps to correlate otherwise obscure statements with actual meditative techniques and attainments. Psychologist-meditators, with their training in detached observation and their technical vocabulary, are in a position to formulate accurate and insightful descriptions and interpretations of what they experience in their meditation. Such factors have contributed to the recent rapid growth of well informed writings on Buddhist meditation. The present collection of twenty-eight readings is designed to give meditators, researchers, and general readers ready access to representative samples of those writings, and to the principal relevant texts. The readings are grouped under four headings, arranged in roughly chronological order, as follows. Section I. Pali Sources... Section II. Classical Masters... Section III. contemporary Masters... Section IV. Personal Accounts...

Scholastic Compendia related to Buddhist Contemplation