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Mercury, Mad Dogs and Smallpox: Medicine in the Si tu pan chen Tradition
Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Studies
Format: Journal Article
Publication Year: 2013
Source ID: shanti-sources-98906
Abstract: Situ Penchen (1700-1774) was an active student, teacher, and practitioner of Tibetan medicine. This paper discusses a few features of the Situ tradition of medicine, based on a study of several works attributed to Situ and to his students. It begins with an overview of Situ’s own medical practice and the state of institutional and textual medicine in his day, and then addresses distinctive features of the Situ medical tradition by examining its dominant and authoritative texts. The paper then focuses on three topics – the use of mercury, the treatment of mad dogs, and remedies for smallpox – proposing characteristics of a distinctive Situ medical tradition.Read more:!jiats=/07/garrett/#ixzz5pK5Eq45s