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Mindfulness and Coping with Dysphoric Mood: Contrasts with Rumination and Distraction
Cognitive Therapy and Research
Short Title: Mindfulness and Coping with Dysphoric Mood
Format: Journal Article
Publication Year: 2005
Pages: 501-510
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Past research has shown that rumination exacerbates dysphoric mood whereas distraction attenuates it. This research examined whether the practice of mindfulness meditation could reduce dysphoric mood even more effectively than distraction. A dysphoric mood was induced in 139 female and 38 male participants who were then randomly assigned to a rumination, distraction, or meditation condition. As predicted, participants instructed to meditate reported significantly lower levels of negative mood than those in either of the two other conditions. Distraction was associated with a lessening of dysphoric mood when compared to rumination but was not as effective as mindfulness meditation. The implications of these findings are discussed.

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