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Mindfulness-Based Intervention: A Culturally Adaptable Intervention In Clinical Psychology
Clinical Psychiatry
Format: Journal Article
Publication Year: 2016
Source ID: shanti-sources-113686
Abstract: Mindfulness is de ned as nonjudgmental acceptance and paying a en on in speci c way to current thoughts and emo ons. The concept of mindfulness is directly inspired by the Buddhist tradi on, but it is not considered a religious prac ce. It is also not constrained to the Buddhist tradi on. Mindfulness-based interven ons were derived from the concept of mindfulness and were reported to be e ec ve in relieving pain and allevia ng anxiety and depression in di erent popula on. Recently, most studies about mindfulness were reported from Westen literature, and li le evience was available regarding using mindfulness in Arab popula on. As I was a psychiatric nurse, my publica ons focused on the advanced roles of nurses [1]. I also was very interested in mental illness and s gma toward mental illness in the Arab popula on [2]. In March 2015, I adapted mindfulness-based interven ons to support Arab parents of children with au sm. Arab parents of children with au sm were targeted because they report high stress level [3].