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Mindfulness in Schools Research Project: Exploring Students Perspectives of Mindfulness.
Short Title: Psychology
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: 2015
Pages: 896 - 914
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Over the last decade, the cultivation of mindfulness has become a common part of the curriculum in classrooms around the world. A recent survey indicates that nearly 50% of teachers are sharing mindfulness with children. To date, researchers have predominately used outcome-based trial designs to understand the practice s efficacy for improving wellness in children. Less research has been directed towards understanding how children perceive mindfulness experiences. This gap inspired the research question What are students perspectives of learning mindfulness practices at school? Thematic analysis was employed to understand and interpret 38 elementary school students mindfulness journals. Findings suggest that mindfulness enhances student wellbeing and helps children develop a greater awareness of their body, mind and emotions. Implications of these findings are discussed. Future research is required to determine how mindfulness practices enhance and sustain student wellbeing and learning.