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Miscellanea to a Recent Contribution on/to the Bsam-yas Debate
Kailash: A Journal of Himalayan Studies
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: 198400/1984
Publisher: Ratna Pustak Bhandar
Place of Publication: Kathmandu, Nepal
Pages: 149-184
Sources ID: 127025
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In this review article, van der Kuijp heavily critiques G. W. Houston's Sources for a History of the bSam-yas Debate. Among the problems that van der Kuijp notes of Houston's work: not using a broader range of Tibetan texts dealing with the subject, not tracing sources cited in the texts he does use, poor translating, and a lack of text critical methods in general. Van der Kuijp lists several texts that he feels would be useful in a study of the SamyƩ (bsam yas) Debate. In the appendix, he gives a survey of the text historical issues involved with a text titled Sba bzhed, or Rba bzhed, an early but complicated source of Tibetan history.