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Neuro Meditation: The New Way of the West
New Mind Center
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Neuro Mediation combines traditional meditation techniques with modern technology. With the use of brainwave training equipment as well as other biofeedback modalities individuals can learn to meditate more quickly and easily than in the past.These modern techniques grew out of decades of scientific research and the clinical use of EEG biofeedback (also know as neurofeedback or brainwave training) to train deep states. More recently groundbreaking research through brainmapping, such as Richard Davidson’s work at Keck Labs, University of Wisconsin, has added valuable information that is guiding efforts internationally to better understand and implement these new technologies. The staff at New Mind Centers has been studying both traditional and modern technologies regarding meditation and other altered states for decades and teaching hundreds how to use these technologies together for transformation and transcendance. We believe that the way westerners will fully come to embrace meditation is through the use of modern technology. Come join our workshops and lets us teach you how to meditate the new modern way using scientifically based methods and equipment. The New Way of the West is dawning.