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Novel Fabrication of PAA/PVA/Yeast Superabsorbent with Interpenetrating Polymer Network for pH-Dependent Selective Adsorption of Dyes
J Polym Environ Journal of Polymers and the Environment : formerly: `Journal of Environmental Polymer Degradation'
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: Nov 30, 2017
Pages: 567 - 588
Sources ID: 105021
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Traditional superabsorbent polymers have wide application potential as an adsorbent, but the poor physical and mechanical properties limit their further applications. To tentatively overcome this dilemma, a novel poly(acrylic acid)/poly(vinyl alcohol)/yeast superabsorbent polymers (PAA/PVA/yeast SAPs) with interpenetrating polymer networks (IPNs) were fabricated herein via solution polymerization. The mechanical stability tests showed that the resulting products could desirably resist the destruction of shear flow (<5000 rpm) and load pressure (<3 kg). The effects of yeast content, pH, contact time, initial dye concentration and temperature were systematically studied to evaluate their adsorption properties. Consecutive five cycles of adsorption-desorption indicated that their easy regeneration and reusability. More importantly, the PVA/PAA/yeast SAPs displayed brilliant pH-dependent selective adsorption for dyes in dye mixtures. It is believed hereby that the PAA/PVA/yeast SAPs can be expected to be economically and technically feasible for the scalable treatment of dyes wastewater.